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Neil posted I may tweak for personal use etc, but wow, you deserve to be commended sir- I am very impressed with your work! Home Projects Contact Donate Downloads. All that we ask is that you distribute it in unmodified form.

Calculate the distance and fuel remaining for each segment and enter in the Nav Log Navigation Home Travel: You may NOT sell this form or make money off of it in any other way without our permission, however.

Enter the following information on your Nav Log: This will make sense navigation log pdf download viewed in the context of a kneeboard. I’d be very grateful if you could tell me what the acronym ‘Hdc’ followed by the letter ‘C’ in navigation log pdf download circle means?

We think once you try our Better flight planner, you’ll never go back to the standard ones Using Picasa with a Mac. Generally, when you clip this form into your kneeboard, you clip it such that only the inside face is clipped. For your planned cruise power setting and density altitude, determine the Calibrated Airspeed CAS and fuel burn rate in cruise.

Checkride Oral Exam Prep. Andrew posted During the flight the pilot regularly completes the log leg by leg and adjusts any ETA. Thanks to Marty Weinhous for help with the creation of the three versions.

Reliance on this navigationn alone is prohibited. Refer to the following table if you need to change any elements in the NavLog. Improved the formatting of the document. To print the Nav Log, use one of the following printing options:. Anyway, thank you very navigation log pdf download for sharing this with the rest of the world. Does it make sense now?

Aircraft VFR Navigation Log for use during the actual Flight

How do I use it? Go to the Airplane Flight Manual a.

October – Version 3. Automatic calculation of wind-corrected heading, ground speed and leg time. The Expanded navigation log includes all the information in the standard navigation log as well as columns for beginning navigation log pdf download ending altitude, wind, outside air temperature OATpower settings, and an option to hide or display all the optional blocks.

Change the fuel units in the Aircraft Setup Information tab.

VFR Flight Planning, Flight Log

IAS kts, Altitude msl feet. Requirements are current weather and aeronautical information. Features an FAA flight planning form and the course calculation section in the traditional fashion as such: April – Version 3. Features Simple, clear, downloqd page format.

It would useful to have this on a tablet computer these days. Downnload the route in the Enroute Chart View. You may notice that one face of the form is upside down.