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If the reamer extends too far down in the hole, it will hit the radius of the optical shop testing pdf download jacket and deflect the drill side- ways, causing the hole to be out of round. Compensates for hand movement pdt shooting video at the telephoto end of the zoom range, where camera shake is magnified.

ST, to press the bearing into the pulley until the bearing is against the bottom of the bearing bore.

Alignment Cube | Optical Alignment | Precision Optical Inc.

Intake Air System Turbocharger – Cleaning and Optical shop testing pdf download Page Turbocharger – Cleaning and Inspec- tion Cleaning Remove all carbon deposits and gasket optical shop testing pdf download from the gasket mating surfaces. Push the shaft through the bearing until the bearing is against the spacer. Cooling System – Service Tools Page Rocker Lever Housing Assembly Rocker Lever Bushing – Replacement Page Use a grit, or finer, emery cloth to remove any rough edges or burrs from the bore of the rocker lever.

Remove the gear from the oven. Support as shown to prevent cracks in the cam follower.

Cylinder liner counterbore ledge and press fit area. Replace the turbocharger compressor housing or dis- charge elbow if damaged so that the compressed air will not leak.

Please enter a valid US zip code. Connecting Rod Length One day’s worth of clips and images ;df then combined into optical shop testing pdf download single video. Replace the liner if pitting or erosion is greater than one-half the width of the crevice seal groove. The path length difference between two adjacent bright or dark fringes is one wavelength of the light, so the difference in the gap between the surfaces is one-half wavelength.

Cylinder Head Cylinder Head – Pressure Testing Page The blueing pattern in the injector seating area 1 must be visible degrees around the seating area. Cylinder Head Cylinder Head – Replacing optical shop testing pdf download Valve Guides Page Immediately after cleaning and inspecting, apply a film of clean engine lubricating oil to capscrews that are to be used again. Crankshaft Gear Fit Area O. Mounting Adaptations – General Information Mounting Pdff – Ahop Information Mounting Adaptations Page Mounting Adaptations – General Information The mounting adaptations group consists of the flywheel housing, flywheel, flywheel ring gear, pilot bearing, and the front engine support.

If the roller to pin clearance is not within these spec- ifications, the roller and the pin must be replaced. Camshaft Thrust Washer Thickness 2. Fuel pressure sensing line – 9. Lubricating Oil Pump Signal Line – Removal Engine Disassembly Page Remove and discard the o-ring from the oil pan flange tube and the rectangular sealing ring from the lubricating oil pump mounting flange.

If the surface is concave, there will be point-contact along the edge, and the outer fringe will turn dark. Intake Air System – Service Tools The following optical shop testing pdf download tools are recommended to perform procedures in section Crankshaft optical shop testing pdf download Installation Crankshaft – Installation Engine Assembly Page Adjust the position of the cylinder block so downkoad the re- maining mounting holes in the adapter plate 2 and 3 align with the pfd holes in the cylinder block.

Rear Cover – Removal Remove the capscrews from the rear downlpad, and remove the cover from the crankshaft flange. See all customer images. Utilizing a sophisticated light-capturing opticxl, it provides high sensitivity for improved high ISO capture with reduced noise.

Canon PowerShot G9 ST Pipe Sealant Use when installing pipe plugs on engines to stop leaks. Check the liner protrusion again. Despite explaining to them that the odds of a hardware failure was remote given I had tried two different G16’s, they still insisted I send in the camera for repair–I did not.

There are three oversize dowel pins available: Remove the dowwnload, and discard the gaskets. optical shop testing pdf download

PDF Compressor

This way, you’re always ready to act and you know how much it will cost. Thermostat Housing – Cleaning and Inspection Cooling System Page Measure optical shop testing pdf download inside diameter of the thermostat seal count- erbore in the thermostat housing. Grinding The Valve Seats Cylinder Head Cylinder Head – Rebuild Page Remove the injectors from the cylinder head and check the pattern of the blueing compound in the injector sleeve.