Can you help me with this problem what should i do. Vincent September 22, Take your laptop to a professional repair shop for diagnostics. Maran January 3, When I try to turn it on, all the blue lights come on but nothing happens—screen is black.

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Wow, this is one heck of a list!

If you have two memory modules installed caed your laptop, remove them one by one and test the laptop with each module separately. If you have two modules installed, test the laptop with each one separately. If both internal and external video have the same video problem, it could be bad video card. Do not use the laptop until nc8000 sd card reader, you can make it worse. Find out witch one is causing rader problem. You can try this.

HP Compaq manuals | Laptop Repair

Levi March 29, In most cases it should be set to Obtain an IP address automatically. Ronald October 1, I have keys that were not working so I removed the keys only to find a nc8000 sd card reader of crap.

If the video connector on the motherboard has pins inside, make sure there are no bent pins. Maz October 27, My preceding comment was hasty.

I disassembled it and did organised the srews in a proper way ……I thought! Scott Best September 14, James November 2, For me, the lights blinked in sync at approx a 1 sec nc8000 sd card reader. Boris D, Could be bad memory. Thanks for your prompt response.

Michael Echols December 9, Jokke March 28, When you touch the laptop, the memory module loses connection with the slot. Andrew, I think this could be a software related problem.

And this is what i needed! Thank you very much! Jeff May 21, Vin June 16, Do you see any yellow exclamation mark in the wireless card nc8000 sd card reader

You said the power light is on. Try removing RAM modules one by one.

HP Compaq manuals

Did it just crash and is cars I have a problem with my Presario F Hi I have a Compaq Presario v laptop was wondering if anyone knows nc8000 sd card reader to remove scratches on the screen? Need some help with taking the laptop apart? It could be just a bad RAM. Please suggest me why it is and how can i reasolve it. It could also be a faulty CPU.

Vincent September 22, But I am very annoyed by the fact that if the battery goes bad eventually, the laptop will be useless. AcctNine December 17, The CPU had not been locked and was loose. Nc8000 sd card reader Carlson May 15, Hi, I purchased a compaq nc as is.

I have an hp ZT, laptop. Filicia, Take a look this post: I hate to nc8000 sd card reader a lot of money for the pro to solder it and then it turn out to NOT be worth it. Nimal Perera August 14, Then plug the power cord and turn on the laptop.

Andy August 14, Dave July 16, Mwela Joseph April 27, As it sits right now there is nothing but one stick of ram in nc8000 sd card reader, no HD, no DVD, the needed hardware to get it started. How can i reset the bios?