I have stripped one down and thoroughly cleaned the cooling system and re-sealed it to the processor but this had no effect. When I power it up the sony logo come up but soon as windows xp loads the sreen gose black. If the laptop was working before you took it apart, even though it was shutting down after a minute or two. Then, while the XP screen is on, Video is viewable on external monitor only, as laptop backlight turns off. STEP 12 Remove the hard drive cover, memory cover and modem cover from the bottom.

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I followed this guide as my laptop was overheated and full of dust. Debating on whether I should spend the money to buy a new battery to see if it still shuts down then. Had a similar problem — not my laptop. I disassembled my PCG K23 to the last step for cleaning. I think you have some kind of hardware related failure.

Are you sure that your laptop came with a SATA drive? Windows itself does not load, and the screen does not turn on. De los manuales que tengo ninguno corresponde con el que tu necesitas.

Edd, I was wondering if someone could recommend what upgrades can I perform on my laptop. Mine is the K23 which makes me wonder about the differences, I just bought a new motherboard sony vaio pcg k13 eBay because this system is notorious for overheating and burning out and mine did just that, the power jack and adapter are FINE, the motherboard is now a sony vaio pcg k13 so I am further disassembling mine at present, but I am not sure how to avert disaster with a new board in place and sony vaio pcg k13 same threat lurking.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K – Inside my laptop

He said that he cleaned up the lid contactor? Thanks in advance Angel xx. Thanks again—instead of a doorstop, we now sony vaio pcg k13 a working laptop again! Laptop is completely un-responsive until I hold down the power button to shut it off.

Hola pueden ayudarme a saber hasta cuanto puedo expandir la ram de un vaio Sony vaio pcg k13 tiene procesador intel core I5 y necesito saber si la puedo expandir a 16 o 32 mb ojala.

This compound suppose to be a good one. Have you any idea? I have tried that too, it only reports MB of the MB on each module. Just remember which screws are sony vaio pcg k13 and where they go back lol. Or if anyone has done this or had the same problem. First of all, I would try reconnecting the wireless card. Many many thanks for the advice.

Correction — actually I need the flat ribbon cable connecting the power button board with the motherboard. Hi, As Sojy guest in my last message it was a pb with lid contactor.

It should skny out easily with a little slide to the left. I just tested it on a Toshiba laptop and the wireless LED lights up when I turn on the switch even when the hard drive is removed.

It will charge the battery up and the laptop will work for about 20 to 25 minutes roughly on battery and will not shut off. And after playing with many boot options, I find a solution.

Carlos – febrero 18th, at By the way, the PCG-K45 was just different enough to make it a little extra challenging. If the laptop just stopped working sony vaio pcg k13 no power light, no LED light, no activity at all, etc…the first thing would be to test the AC adapter.

I followed the reccomendation for solving this problem and reseated all the connections. Came up with an error and pc shut down.

I searched for a picture of this heatsink and I found this one: What concerns me is the power. Very good step by step guide! My DVD-drive seem to be broken.

Is key removal and contact cleaning advisable? I got some troubles with the screen. All vai drivers seemed to load up fine. Carefully lift up and remove the sony vaio pcg k13 assembly.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K

I did more tests with Ubuntu live-CD. Maybe the hard drive is going bad. I took my laptop to step 8 but I started reading ahead and did not see a step that involved the heat sink. Will it be kk13 to try to blow out the dust without opening the laptop or should I try to open it first and then dust it? I would prefer not to take o13 chance on breaking something or a part that is in all probability unavailable. Finally after the 5th or 12th dismantlying i discovered that the OS sony vaio pcg k13 be read sony vaio pcg k13 the HD when not screwed in on the four ends.

Otro enlace para Vaio X series.

When I did and put the laptop back together there is no video. Thanks for any help.