Tear-Off mode, skip to step 6. If you discover shipping damage: Supplies — Supplies is a general term for ribbon and media. The parallel loopback connector is a standard pin parallel connector mounted to a small printed circuit board. Main Drive Belt Replacement and Adjustment Page 42 Do not use ribbon that is narrower than the media.

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Page 4 Supplies are warranted to be free from defect in material and workmanship for a period of six 6 months for media and twelve 12 months for ribbon from zebra stripe s600 date of shipment by Zebra. Examine the labels and make adjustments as required. For therotate the bearings degrees turn upside down.

Figure 32 shows the zebra stripe s600 required for this cable. Replace the rear cover and main door. HP bitronics mode is supported to provide bi-directional high speed.

Enter text zebra stripe s600 picture: Zip Support, Technical Support Can identify, diagnose, and resolve your questions in one brief, syripe, online session. When the printer is turned on, the cutter module will sttripe through one cutting operation and be ready to print labels. Adjust screw until the tension is equal on the left and right sides of the rewind power roller and the liner tracking is maintained. The cutter cycles once at power up or resets even when NOT in cutter mode.

Reconnect all ribbon and wire harness cables. Detach the control panel ribbon cable from the main logic board J Control Panel Assembly L Rev.

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The mode LEDs flash to indicate that the settings have been saved to memory. Page 92 Page 93 Page Noncutter units not retrofittable.

Cutter Cable Connector Removal 5. This test is performed only when sensor assemblies are replaced or when a manual calibration fails. Page 44 When performing the self tests in Peel-Off Mode, remove the labels as they become available. External influences such as lightning storms or unwanted zebra stripe s600 on x600 power or data cables may cause erratic printer behavior.

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Media and liner not Reload media. Table on page for the S The printer first runs through a Power-On Self Test, then prints the zebra stripe s600 label.

Media sensor — This sensor is located behind the printhead to detect the presence of media and, for non-continuous media, the position of the web, hole, or notch that separates each label. Page 81 Roll media — Media that comes supplied rolled zebra stripe s600 on a core a600 cardboard.

Page 54 Zebra stripe s600, perform a manual calibration. Page 5 through 7. Autobaud only works for baud and higher. Page 35 Grasp the tab on top of the front door and carefully pull down until it rests on the desktop.

No lubricants are needed. For each of these diagnostic tests, the printer transmits the test label format out of the data connector to the loopback connector. Remember zebra stripe s600 remove each label as it is automatically peeled away from the backing.

Pageonly if experiencing ribbon wrinkle or if the ribbon is not tracking properly. Page 58 Reposition media so that the end is on top positioned correctly of the stgipe. This manual also for: Reload media and ribbon, and test the printer operation. Zebra stripe s600 non-continuous media is used, sets label length for individual labels.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Page 90 This test prints seven preprogrammed formats at 6 ips and 2 ips. The Mode LEDs flash and the settings are s6000 saved to memory. Page “Printhead Voltage Adjustment” on page zebra stripe s600 Ribbon appears to slow down or stop.

Peel-Off Drive Belt Adjustment Table shows the sequence of formats. Standard magnification up to 10 times vertical and zebra stripe s600 independent.

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Tape the end of the 30″ long Mylar tape Zebra part to the rewind spindle. Page 48 This reduces the wear on those areas of the printhead and the platen where ribbon and media are not present.

This end of the ground strap attaches to the print mechanism assembly. Page zebra stripe s600 Pause Key Self Test