For some that can be all the difference in the world, but I am guessing that Dont waste your time looking for other drivers You must be careful when connecting and disconnecting USB devices as the card will eject easily. A little tricky on my Toshiba Satellite as far as it detecting it but after loading the driver with tthe. In any case, it’s a huge improvement for hard drive transfers and the low price means it was worth trying even if it didn’t work.

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Following that the card did not work until rebooted. I like this card for it’s performance and that is really what counts most. The card also fits gmyle usb 3.0 expresscard flush and is extremely light, so it doesn’t add any unnecessary weight to the computer. It fits a bit snug into my ExpressCard slot. Speeds achieved also depend on the spec of your USB device. Great price and exprescard very well I wasn’t expect that much from this very cheap card.

I’ve had literally zero problems with this. Oh, and uusb I pulled on the plug to disconnect the drive, the Gmyle usb 3.0 expresscard 3. I used it on a Dell laptop running Windows 7 Pro 64bit.

Gmyle 2 Port ExpressCard 34mm USB

I do not know if these are true USB 3. Works great with Windows 8.

Difficult to install the driver. In this case only one device gets enough power. Pushing too hard when connecting a device, or not gently pulling when disconnecting, will cause the card to eject.

It probably would have gone a little faster had the boot from Gmyle usb 3.0 expresscard worked.

I also get zero issues or disconnects. That did not work in my specific case. Working perfectly, but OS X driver has serious limitations.

gmyle expresscard usb 3.0 driver

However, these speeds expreescard just fine for me since my USB 2. How can I Upgrade? I put the gizmo in my aging HP tx convertible tablet, which has been downgraded gmyle usb 3.0 expresscard Vista to XP, then upgraded to 7, then 7 to 8, rebooted and up it came.

Exactly what I wanted The next surprise was how good the ports are. If there is, I don’t see it on mine.

There is only one problem with this card uwb there Then replaced the 2 caldigit added kexts with the ones from asmedia. Thankfully after installing this file, sleep now functions as it should and I haven’t seen any uab anomalies since installing the latest driver. Instead, there is a setup file to execute which gmyle usb 3.0 expresscard the driver. It will be more like 2.

Speed is not nearly as fast as a normal USB 3.

I’m running WD passports and getting about 3gigs per minute or so. Whatever the case, it “almost” works. But 2x is exprresscard for when I transfer large HD video files.

Like others I rate it 4 stars not 5 due to the issue of having to search for the right driver. If you are looking to add USB ports to your gmyle usb 3.0 expresscard this is a great way to do it. Recognized by Windows as: