We’ve been messing around with Apollo, an iOS app that allows you to add 3D lighting effects to images using depth information, and have to say we’re impressed with what it’s capable of — but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a few requests for the next version. Shutter delay and very bright red-eye eliminator are hard to get used to. The strobe power was controlled by the camera, too, shutting down when the camera powered down. May 22, 10 mobile. Last week, some ‘leaked’ photos were published online that purported to show a DJI Phantom 5 drone with interchangeable lens camera and several prime lenses. According to a recent investor presentation, Sony intends to occupy the top slot in the overall camera market by the end of , beating back Canon and Nikon by boosting its interchangeable lens systems.

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When you disable it in the Setup menu, the Nikon P starts up quickly, despite the telescoping zoom lens. Show More Show Less.

Audio recording is monaural. Nikon Coolpix P Review. Aperture-priority Auto [A] offers step manual control over the aperture setting to let the user decide depth of field, while the camera automatically adjusts the nikon coolpix p5100 speed. Cooloix 22, camera news. That happened with the Coolpix S51c, too. Flash-lit shots show a very faint but consistent warmish cast. The Nikon offers up a 2.

Nikon Coolpix P5100 Review

May 22, 10 mobile. The Command dial, which you usually only find on a dSLR, helps you scroll through menu options. Click to download Nikon coolpix p5100 file. We couldn’t find the price for this product.

Zeiss launches new lineup of lightweight and compact ‘Supreme Prime’ lenses. You can see two nikon coolpix p5100 the P gallery — a shot of a bookshelf and, right next to it, a carved figure.

Nikon coolpix p5100 pressing question about the Nikon P is how well it performs, especially in comparison to the P The Sony a7 Nlkon sets a new benchmark for full-frame cameras thanks to its compelling combination of value and capability. Based on a production Nikon Nikom P Firmware version 1.

Nikon Coolpix Nikon coolpix p5100 Review. Noise in outdoor shots captured in good light at lower ISO values is minimal, but noise rises noticeably in higher ISO shots.

Nikon Coolpix P Review – DigitalCameraReview

But using the SB nikon coolpix p5100 the included diffuser, I got some of the best flash shots I’ve ever seen from a digital camera. I mounted an SB on the Nikon P and watched as Nikon’s iTTL mode took over, reading the ISO setting from nikon coolpix p5100 camera, power zooming along with the lens, and indicating the usable working range as I changed the camera’s settings. It’s compact and durable with a handsome titanium body.

I also like the option to use either a text-based list or an icon-based display of the Nikon P’s menu options. Overall, the Nikon Nikon coolpix p5100 P is a poor choice for action shooters. The follow-up to the original K-1 is here, built like a tank like its predecessor, with improvements to AF Tracking. The kind of lenses that make your salivary glands work Instead, they seem to reflect different startup settings, in which the Welcome screen has not been disabled.

Last one Free shipping. However, we find that image quality takes a hit with some tweaks Pentax has made.

Note nikon coolpix p5100 small indentation to allow your finger to depress the Nikon coolpix p5100 card. I used them all. Chromatic aberration purple fringing is p5100 well controlled. Does that mean that bigger is no longer necessarily better? You may also like. And it’s easy to carry and shoot with an external flash mounted on the camera.

Shadows are generally a lot softer and there’s no possibility of red-eye with this setup.