They are not as rare as one may think. Don’t get one that uses a floppy power connector. He had some problems formatting but the main thing was his claim the bootdisk saw the sata drive. Or sign in with one of these services. Sign In Sign Up. And as I mentioned above, I don’t know why that worked–if it actually did.

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Useful Dos Files

But while booted from HD fdisk halts system remember worked booting from floppy also the CDrom still does not work. The adapter has its own bios and shows a message after POST.

I was considering the order defiency, you are right. SYS and maybe others can help With the sata controller in ahci mode the bios hands off to the boot sector of the HD just fine, I use ahci. Doe cannot verify the validity of the statements made on this site.

At gcdrom.syys eject button is not working and no CD audio – but its probably it has not audio cable and digital audio is not working in DOS. I’m not familiar with that software but it may be possible to find out how they do it. SYS” work with these hardware?


VOGONS • View topic – Sata CD-ROM Driver for DOS ?

Already have an account? Once a floppy is created that works then you extract it to a disk image and apply it to a cdrom 1.

Since it is kb I believe there is still room to fit it on the floppy and run it after boot to modify the current boot [A: The information on Computing. I couldn’t even get to boot menu to erase the path to driver. SYS on my other hard disk. One thing about your config. Here’s that thread where the guy used a 95 bootdisk to see a sata drive: Here are the files: Whatever i connect on the adapter works without any problems if i boot Windows from my IDE hard drive.

sata controllers not seen by dos 6.22

They’re cheap and fast. I think i used Nero 6 to create that bootable CD. How to add adapter driver for loading from DOS? All hail the Great Capacitor Brand Finder. Edited February 20, by Fido-X.

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Register a new account. They are not as rare as one may think. This is the contents of SATA driver directory: I only wonder about 3rd port on them, is on 1 described as Digital pin DO and G and on second as gcdgom.sys. I finally have managed get it working with gcdrom. Rather not consume gcdgom.sys “C” on Hard Disk emulation unless I can assign it to drive A and the usb floppy if present will get pushed to drive B.

Posted February 20, edited. Freedos driver not working – no Sata controller found and vanilla Windows 98 do not work too – not drive, drive is working gcdro.msys in Windows Over a Month Ago Time Zone: SYS where to find last version, i donwloaded Freedos cd and scanned even archives and no match?