The Best Year for Drivers Ever? Some had variances of as much as 4feet from a distance of 15 feet. Felix Loo 8 months ago. The group I play with that all use ProV1s are fun to play with because I can give them a hard time about buying the hype. Seem excessive when compared this to an iron or hybrid in terms of technology and manufacturing. Almost like they hate facts or something. This is also probably why it is more accurate.

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I think I will.

Bob 1 month ago. Can anyone provide reasoning why Edel is 1 from 5 feet and 5 from 20 feet, but not even in the top 10 from 10 ft? JonD 8 months ago. With it being one length the club is an absolute sleeper.

Golf’s Most Wanted

jost There sure is a lot of whining about not including this or that 15 yr old putter or how Guerin Rife must be paying you the big bucks. MakeParNotWar 8 months ago. It is really just a slightly more forgiving traditional 2 or 3 iron. What loft were you using on the Hogan? A sizeable group of testers felt differently, rating the club near the bottom for sound and feel.


I agree with your post. TBT 8 months ago.


Thanks for the reco, MyGolfSpy! I can recall countless times the criticality to drain those must-make putts within two yards to score within my perimeters.

We stopped modt strokes gained as it becomes superfluous when we start looking at statistical significance. Looks, feel, and sound would be much better and more helpful data to obtain, even if it is subjective.

The quick and simple explanation is that performance gaps increase with distance.

Windy conditions and firm fairways like those often encountered during the Open Championship are often why professional choose utility clubs. My trouble in gapping has been the 3, 4, and 5 irons not being too far from each other.

Dennis 8 months ago. Now I just get the club moving and it stays right on line, due to the weight of the club. DJ was in Carlsbad last week. Jon 1 month ago. Two is enough, and 3 wedges. moat


There is absolutely ZERO subjectivity in our tests. Anyone on the board play it before. Do you still measure this by a wabted gained number like you used to? Most of us are not going to make many 20 footers….

Golf’s Most Wanted

At 10 ft, less so. For anyone concerned about the dark finish the wear on it is unnoticeable. Brandon 1 month ago. Really awnted what you guys do! The putters are almost statistically the same as you get to the shortest distance but mean a lot more as you get further away, hence Evnroll winning.

Now moat most wanted blade putter ranks it 22nd. If we could get the entire industry to agree to not release anything new for a year or two, we could do some really cool things.