Click here to go to the product suggestion community. There is a marked difference between what you Sophos guys on this forum say to what frontline phone and email support people are saying. This group requires membership for participation – click to join. Installed OS and drivers 3. Hi there, as already mentioned above SGN 5. Visual Basic Express The Holy Bible King James

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I too should charge Sophos for my time. Rebooted Extract from SGN 5. I will test this soon and update my findings. Lenovo SGN support bipmetric If anyone is interested I’m going to write a bit of procedure on how we get fingerprint working on our machines soon?

If it is I’m hoping Sophos can work with coprocessof on this seeing as we have a job lot of these laptops and need to have fingerprint working to meet certain security requirements. I’ve been spending every dying day workng out a workaround for a SGN “defect”!

Installed SafeGuard config 9. I’ve opened up the following case with Sophos support: Your documentation on what is ‘recommended’ needs to be stated clearly on the download site or just one click away from the product page.


I second these opinions. Are there any logs anywhere to check for troubleshooting? You can donwnload the file following this KBA: As per an advisory from Sophos support.

The first question I’ve got is – is it possible to not have Fingerprint software installed on the system, install Safeguard, and then later install Fingerprint software the proper version of course? Should you still encounter some issues please open a new support case.

ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software is a desktop security and convenience product. I am having a real time attempting to get the fingerprint logon solution to work.

Lenovo T Treiber Windows 10/8/7/XP Download | Lenovo Treiber Download Kostenlos

Hi there, as already mentioned above SGN 5. Then sign-in to the POA, but disable pass-through to windowsand save the hotkey option when prompted.

Install SGN preinstall and then client and reboot. At this point in time our POA fingerprint scanner is working to a degree. It reckognises the fingerprint, gives the green tick to say its okay, but straight afterwards we are presented with a pop-up dialog box saying The fingerprint match was successful but no logon credentials were found. Visual Basic Express I guess my question comes down to why should I have to check a link, that I find on a forum to see if my T will work, when all along we were told it would and I mean from our account manager down, and after contacting “support” multipal times no one at Sophos bothered to say anything about a biometeic we could check.


Safeguard Fingerprint logon – Lenovo laptop(s)

ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software enables: Have a cool product idea or improvement? Installed OS and drivers 3. Last update 1 Sep.

Also it might be that a hot key is required in order to enable specific functionality such as Fingerprint. Installed Lenovo fingerprint software 4. Cleared fingerprint data and reset security chip in BIOS 2.

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