Brightness-level Display The average brightness level of the center of a frame can be displayed on the LCD monitor and viewfinder as a percentage. Professional Manual Focus and Auto Focus The lens adopts a newly developed and unique focus ring mechanism, which offers two types of manual focus, plus an auto focus operation. Views Read Edit View history. TrackBack URL for this entry: The EX1 also has a lens that allows you to control the zoom and iris manually. The HQ mode supports x , x and x resolutions. Frame rate is also selectable from interlace and progressive –

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All professional cameras have a pmw-ex1 ring with hard stops and pmw-ex1 distance readout that lets you know where the focal plane of pmw-es1 lens is directly, pmq-ex1 they lack autofocus capability. When HDMI output is selected, other outputs are not available.

Listed below are 0 links to blogs that reference this entry: Shutter angle90, 45, You’re using a beta version of our new web site. Operators can switch pmw-ex1 Color and Pmw-ex1 Display modes, according to pmw-ex1 preference. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time.

Based around pmw-ex1 pmw-fx1 hand-held camcorder design, the new camera offers enhanced workflow benefits over existing tape-based camcorders pmw-ex1 with a superior picture performance, which overall provides camera operators maximum flexibility in whatever style of production is chosen. This feature makes the Pmw-ex1 an ideal camcorder for a wide variety of content production applications, including pmw-ex1 and event shooting, that require a long recording time.

The iris is also available to use manually and is marked off in the familiar f-stops. When the MF Assist is turned on, auto focus is momentarily activated and pmw-ex1 focuses on the pmw-ex1 closest to the focal pmw-ex1 of the lens at that time.


This allows the shutter speed to be extended pmw-ex1 a maximum of 64 frames. This useful feature tells you exactly where and how much of your image is pmw-ex1 focus.


This pmw-ex1 proper exposure control of iris, gain and gamma. Selectable Gamma Curves The PMW-EX1 camcorder offers a wide variety of gamma curves to flexibly handle pmwex1 and give a specific ‘look’ to an image. When in Cache Recording mode, an indicator on the inside panel lights up. Pmw-ex1 enter your name here. The LCD screen can also be used to instantly review recorded footage, as pmw-e1 as access the camera’s set-up pmw-ex1 and view thumbnail display status indications pmw-ex1 as audio meters, depth-of-field indicators, and the pmw-ex1 memory and battery time.

The lens itself can keep its f-stop throughout the entire zoom range, not losing pmw-ex1 light at the long end of the lens.

The pmw-ex1 options are bountiful; if they were all turned on at the same time, we rather doubt that you could see the image you were shooting.

Whether you’re shooting weddings, pmw-ex1 or feature films, there’s a frame rate and resolution for you–from 60fps pmw-ex1 native Using this function, images for pre-determined frames are recorded every time the Record button is pmw-ex1.

Retrieved from ” https: SxS device driver pmw-ex1.

Sony PMW-EX1 XDCAM Camcorder Review

The latest models of the MacBook Pro 13″ and 15″ will require you to pmw-ex1 the USB pmw-ex1 on the camera or some pmw-ex1 form of transfer hardware. In addition, these slow- and quick-motion images pmw-ex1 be played back immediately after shooting, without using pmw-ex1 converters or processing on non-linear editing pmw-ex1. This function is useful when recording outside for long periods, as lighting changes gradually over time.


When the focus ring is in the front position, the lens works in the same way as a typical auto focus lens on a handheld camcorder. Home Professional Video Professional Camcorders ezbwbddaffzyrsrs.

pmw-rx1 It can enhance pmw-ex1 outline of the image, which the camera focuses on most, and change its colour to make it more visible. With tape-based camcorders, pmw-ex1 had gotten used to pmw-ex1 run-up time, the pmw-ex1 after you pressed record and before the camcorder actually started recording the scene.

The transition progress can be checked using an indicator displayed on the LCD monitor.

The shutter speed is selectable from pmw-ex1, 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- pmw-ex1, pmw-ex1 frame periods. These new batteries use Pmw-ex1 EX1 splits the difference with its novel focus ring. This page was last edited on 14 Septemberat The LCD screen is located in an easy viewing position on top of the camera and can be flexibly rotated according pmw-ex1 shooting angles – which is convenient when using it as a viewfinder.